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We own and operate the Victorian electricity transmission network, one of five electricity distribution networks, and one of three gas distribution networks in Victoria.

As well as the network businesses, our commercial business - Mondo - provides a range of energy and infrastructure products and services to business, government, communities and households.

These services include metering, asset intelligence and telecommunication solutions, as well as advanced energy management solutions enabling community energy hubs and solar mini grids.

AusNet Services is 31.1 per cent owned by Singapore Power, 19.9 per cent owned by State Grid of China and 49 per cent publicly owned. We are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). 

We operate our three networks in a regulated environment meaning the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) sets the price movements for the electricity and gas networks once every five years by reviewing proposals submitted by electricity and gas businesses across Australia. The AER reviews proposals and makes decisions based on:

  • Projected demand
  • Age of infrastructure
  • Operating and financial costs
  • Network reliability and safety
  • Other relevant government policies

For more information on the AER’s role, please visit

Victoria’s energy network businesses are recognised as national leaders in efficiency and innovation; and Victorian electricity network tariffs represent a smaller share of consumer energy bills that those in other states.


AusNet Services is responsible for maintaining the poles and wires in our distribution area. If you need to report an electricity fault, please email or call 13 17 99 24 hours a day. Please be ready to provide your National Metering Number (NMI) shown on your electricity bill.

If you need to report an electricity transmission tower fault, please call 1800 111 164.

We also provide our customers options to manage their electricity usage. Please go to for more information.


AusNet Services is responsible for the gas distribution in Victoria's west. If you need to report a gas fault, please email or call 13 67 07. Before reporting a fault, please make sure your gas meter has not been turned off.

We are currently investing in natural gas assets in Huntly, Avoca, Bannockburn and Winchelsea. To find out more, please visit Energy for the Regions on our website.


As an ASX100 company, we are a strong and stable investment opportunity. Find out more about us from our announcements and financial performance reports. You can also visit the Australian Stock Exchange or Singapore Stock Exchange


AusNet Services is a major player in the Australian energy industry. We are the largest diversified energy infrastructure business in Victoria Australia, and employ more than 2,200 people. We value diversity highly and promote a safe, open and inclusive work environment.

The safety of our people, customers and the communities we serve is at the forefront of everything we do. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to ensuring our people are treated fairly and equitably.

How do I update my details such as my mailing address and phone number?
To update your personal details please contact your Electricity Retailer, they will then notify AusNet services on your behalf.
I've received a very high bill, how can I check this?
Any billing enquires need to be directed to your energy retailer who is the company you pay your bill to for electricity or gas. If required they will liaise with AusNet Services directly to assist you in resolving enquires.
I've received a bill from a different retailer and I never authorised to be changed over to this new company, can you fix this?
Please contact the retailer you wish to stay with and ask them to raise an objection to this unauthorised transfer in order to retain you as their customer.
I'm moving into a new property and I want to connect the electricity and gas, I don't know the name of the company that the last people used?
You do not need to use the same retailer; any retailer will be able to assist you with setting up a new account for connection of your property.
How long can it take for my electricital meter to be installed?
New connection service orders can take up to 10 business days from when we accept the service order and paperwork from your Electricity retailer. We have up to 48 business hours to accept the order from when your retailer sends us your service order and all paperwork.
How do I read my meter?
For more information about reading you meter, please browse the following information: - Single phase meters - Dual phase meters - Multiphase meters