Business Summary
We are Australia’s communications and media regulator.
About Us

Who we are:

We are an independent Commonwealth statutory authority. We regulate communications and media services in Australia. We have an Authority that makes decisions and an executive team that oversees our work.

We have an Authority that makes decisions on important matters for the ACMA. The Authority is made up of a Chair, a Deputy Chair, 3 full-time members and 3 associate members. Members are appointed by the Governor-General. The minister may also appoint associate members.

Our Mission:

We regulate communications and media to maximise the economic and social benefits for Australia.

Our Organisation:

4 divisions take care of our day-to-day activities:

  • Content, consumer and citizen
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Corporate and research
  • Legal services

What We Do

We do the following:

  • Set and manage rules about communications and media services and markets
  • Licence people, organisations and products to operate in Australia
  • Look into complaints and problems and take action when rules aren’t being followed
  • plan and manage the airwaves and make space for new services, like 5G

Our remit covers:

  • Internet & phones
  • TV, radio and content
  • Spectrum
  • Equipment compliance
At A Glance
Independent Commonwealth Authority
Industry & Public
Investigations & Compliance
Licensing & Regulations
Cabling & Infrastructure