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  • McMillan Shakespeare Group
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Delivering real benefits and genuine savings for: Salary Packaging, Novated Leasing, Operating Leases, Asset Management & Finance
About Us

Maxxia is Australia’s largest employee benefits provider and part of the ASX-listed McMillan Shakespeare Group, which pioneered the way for salary packaging in Australia in 1988.

With expertise in taxation, compliance, legal and marketing, we’re all about empowering our customers to do more with their money – delivering real work and lifestyle benefits.

The following values guide our actions, decisions and behaviours:

  • Going above and beyond for our customers
  • Working better together
  • Making every opportunity - big or small - count
  • Accountability

With 800 staff and a nationwide presence, we have long-standing client relationships across a range of industries including Federal and State Governments, major health groups, charitable organisations and private corporations. 

We are the sole provider of salary packaging services for the Government of South Australia. Our sister company, RemServ, services much of the Queensland Government.

What is salary packaging?
It is a formal arrangement between an employer and an employee, if the employee agrees to receive a lower amount of pay each payday in return for the employer providing them with benefits of a similar value to the reduction in pay. Depending on individual circumstances, you may be able to salary package certain items - including electricity, clothing and groceries - and potentially reduce your taxable income and increase your disposable income.
What is Novated Leasing?
It’s a three-way agreement between you, your employer and a finance company that allows you to bundle not only your lease payments but all your car’s running costs – including petrol, insurance, rego and servicing – into one convenient regular payment.
So how does a novated lease work?
Basically, a car is leased in your name, via your employer, and instead of paying with the money you have left over after tax, your lease is covered using funds from a combination of your pre and post-tax salary. While fringe benefits tax might apply, salary packaging a car could lower your taxable income and reduce the cost of getting into and running your next car. Best of all, novated leasing is fully approved by the Australian Tax Office.